Pastor JulieRev Dr. Julie Josund- Pastor

I am a native northwestern, born and raised in Seattle, Fife and Spokane, Washington. I am the first born daughter of 1st generation immigrant parents with 3 younger brothers (this actually says a LOT about who I am and how I go through life! Let’s talk Family Systems Theory sometime.)

Firstborns often do a lot of things in quick order – accordingly I have a number of educational degrees, a large and loving family, I love to learn through reading, travel and mostly by connecting with people. I have been a parish pastor for more than 20 years, and have worked and taught at Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University and Luther Seminary.

Being a pastor is pretty awesome. Edmonds Lutheran Church is a welcoming, loving, caring, discerning community. God’s love and grace is transforming – and is for everyone!

Pastor Julie can be contacted at

pastor timTim Oleson – Pastor

My call into ministry began in college when I needed a summer job and thought being a Bible Camp counselor might be a cool summer gig. Yet, what I thought was going to be a one time summer job turned into a journey of wonder and amazement as God has led me here to ELC. I have worked in professional youth ministry for ten years as camp staff and as a youth director in the Pacific Northwest. I was blessed to engage in a seminary educational process that was divided between Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry and Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. I have a deep passion for music and dynamic worship as well as service to our community. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for eleven years and am excited about what God is up to in this area, as well as here at Edmonds Lutheran Church.

Pastor Tim can be reached at


DarrenDarren Hochstedler- Director of Music Ministries

I have been active as a leader in congregational singing and music ministries throughout my adult life.  I  enjoy serving at Edmonds Lutheran because I believe that we are not defined by our preferred musical style but by a desire to be grounded in the great traditions of the church while being open to share the unchanging message of God’s  grace and love for all people in new and emergent ways.  An experienced worship planner and leader of musicians, I am  especially interested in a worship environment and experience that is beautiful, relevant and deeply meaningful for leaders and worshipers alike.  I also believe that ELC has only begun to catch a glimpse of the great possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to sharing the journey with the community!

Darren can be reached at


Patrick Brady- Operations Manager

I serve as ELC’s Operations Manager. My major areas of focus are Property Management and Financial Operations.  Along with members of the Finance, Personnel and Property Committees, I am actively involved in an ambitious set of building improvement and repairs.

I am near Seattle Native, with degrees in Christian Education and Divinity.  Prior to serving at Edmonds Lutheran, I have served in several churches; Lutheran, Episcopal and Presbyterian, and as the Executive Director of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Association (LOMA). I have also served on our Synod Council’s Executive Committee and is an Advisory Board Member of Open Door Ministry.


Margo and NancyMargo Lawrence and Nancy Furness- Musicians

Margo and Nancy have contributed 20 years of faithful service to Edmonds Lutheran Church as our organist and accompanist team. Their dedication and amazing talent make ELC’s music program top notch!



Suzy Baroud- Parish Administrator

I am so delighted to be the Administrator for Edmonds Lutheran Church. I hope that this will serve its purpose in promoting the many and wonderful ministries and services ELC has to offer to the neighborhood. I have a background in book editing and communications, I love promoting the important work that ELC is doing. I have three kids, four chickens, a dog and an assortment of hamsters. I love hiking, camping and anything  “outdoorsy”.  In my free time you can find me umpiring for my daughters softball games or coaching my son’s t-ball team. I am so happy to be a part of the family at Edmonds Lutheran Church!

Suzy can be reached at

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