Annie’s Kitchen

Annie KitchenAnnie’s Kitchen is a free weekly community dinner held every Wednesday night, 5:00 – 6:30, and is  served in the church fellowship hall. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their circumstances.  150 people share a meal on any given Wednesday evening. The kitchen crew of volunteers start prepping about noon, with various shifts of workers coming and going throughout the day cooking, chopping, peeling, tossing, until a hot, home-cooked, nutritious and hearty meal is ready. The tables are set, the milk is poured. The guests arrive, and all are fed. Volunteers host children’s activities and a quiet homework area. Parents can finish leisurely finish their dinner while their children are being taken care of.

All this is supported by a team of gleaners who pick up produce, meat and beverages from many local grocery stores and specialty eateries – 7 days a week. The gleanings  go to “The Kitchen”, as well as to many other feeding programs, food banks, tent cities, veteran’s programs, etc. There is also a clothing rack with free items for anyone who needs each evening. Volunteers from around the community make this program soar.

To visit Annie’s Kitchen’s website, go to annieskitchen.edmondslutheran.org

Let us know if you would like more information, or to volunteer, contact  Annie at adriennefrtnm@gmail.com, or Rozella at rogerandrozella@comcast.net.

If you would like to help with the clothing rack, contact Maurene Barnes at mandbarnes@comcast.net

If  you would like more information on gleaning, contact Bob Snyder at Robert_a_snyder@msn.com.