Lutheran World Relief

smiling coffee farmerMore than half a century ago, World War II left an estimated one-fifth of the world’s Lutherans homeless. Here in the United States, Lutheran churches in at least 20 states mobilized to help in Europe through a new agency called Lutheran World Relief.

The recipients of LWR’s aid have changed — as has much of its operations — but in thousands of parishes, in millions of offerings and in uncounted prayers, US Lutherans have supported LWR’s work ever since.

ELC has a committee dedicated to supporting the efforts of Lutheran World Relief. We have several drives every year to collect a variety of items from toothpaste to quilts and blankets. Twice a year we take the items that we have collected over the course of six months and construct school kits, health kits and baby layettes. We also pack quilts that have been made by ELC’s quilters group and prepare them to be shipped along with these other items to dozens of countries all over the world.  We always welcome members to this committee and would be happy and grateful to have you!

For more information on ELC’s Lutheran World Relief Committee, contact Dorothy Holman at or Carol Swackhammer at